Getting The Buyer To Pay Their Best Price

No matter what the market conditions, average agents get average prices and poor agents get poor prices.

The best way to achieve the highest price possible for your home is to employ the best agent in your area to handle the negotiation of the sale. For those who missed what we just said we’ll repeat that again, the best way to achieve the highest price possible for your home is to employ the best agent in your area to handle the negotiation of the sale. Notice we didn’t say …. the best agent in your area to handle the sale. The emphasis here is on the word negotiation.

The best agents not only advise you on critical issues such as appropriate pricing, effective marketing, presentation, best method of sale etc etc and while these are all areas that require careful consideration, the major and by far most critical role of the agent is to be a skilled negotiator, this is what you hire them for!

The negotiation skill of the agent has to be better than that of the buyer, otherwise the buyer wins. It is that simple! Unfortunately, most sellers never discover their chosen agents skill level until after they have engaged them and by then it is usually too late. To avoid becoming a statistic, getting frustrated, and potentially loosing a lot of your money, there are a few simple steps that you really should follow before placing your property on the market.

1. Research your area to identify who the better agents are.
2. Appoint some interview times with the agents. Do not rush this process, allow at least couple of hours between interviews.
3. Most importantly, arm yourself with some hard hitting questions to quiz the agents. Don’t just sit back and let them blow smoke, you are interviewing them for a very important job, one that is going to affect YOUR BANK BALANCE!
4. Take some notes that you can review later, to help you make your final choice.

Now you are on the market, buyers will try to buy your home as cheaply as possible, and in the scheme of things that’s their job, its ok. You will do the same when you are buying your next home! There are several simple questions a buyer will ask an agent in order to gain leverage in the negotiating process so they can get the best price. How the agent answers those questions will determine who out negotiates who!

So at the end of the day it all comes down to the skill of your agent. Their negotiation skill, and their skill in answering buyer’s questions about you. In reality to find out their skill level ‘at the end of the day’ is way too late! Before you begin the selling journey take a little time and do the homework. This will play a major role as to who comes out financially the better off, you or the buyer.

What we do… Think of us as you would of anti-virus software you install on your computer to detect and eliminate a virus before it causes damage. We help home sellers to detect and eliminate issues which are typically caused when agents (who have their own agenda) give poor or misleading advice.

Unfortunately, there is a growing number of people who contact us when a problem has already occurred, contact us now so you can avoid problems with your sale. 

PLEASE NOTE:    We DO NOT pass your details onto anyone else, we do not on sell your email address or phone number to marketing companies or any such like or real estate agents. Your personal details go no further.

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