Real Estate Selling Tips

Real Estate Agent Fees

No straight answer Everything in life is a negotiable including Real Estate Agents Commissions, Fees and Costs. As a seller it is not always easy to find out what a Real Estate Agent will charge you to sell your property.  Even asking the Real Estate Agent...

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Real Estate Auction

Is Auction Right for You? When you decide to sell your property, there are many decisions you will need to make and the most important one is which method of sale is best for my property and my specific area. An auction is one of the methods available, but...

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Real Estate Agent Advertising

Advertising Costs You in More Ways Than One Real estate agent advertising can cost you in more ways than you may realise. It’s not only paying the cost of the advertising that can cost you big dollars, for example, imagine what a potential buyer thinks...

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Why Do Real Estate Agents Ask Me This?

Do YOU interview the Real Estate Agent, or does the Real Estate Agent interview YOU! Most sellers invite a few Real Estate Agents to appraise their property and then unfortunately allow the Real Estate Agents to interview them, the seller! Why the Real...

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Set Sale or Sale By Set Date

Some new auction rules, have spawned a new selling method, or is it? It’s called ‘Set Sale’ also known as ‘Sale by Set Date’ and this is how it works…

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